The Release Aging  People in Prison (RAPP) 

We Are Revolutionary is proud to support the Release Aging  People in Prison (RAPP), which is led by formerly incarcerated people and advocates for the release of elderly and aging individuals who have served decades in prison. Our commitment to repairing families and empowering individuals through political engagement aligns perfectly with this campaign, as we believe in the transformative power of second chances and restorative justice.

As a partner in upstate New York, We Are Revolutionary will help recruit impacted individuals, organize community events, protests, and education efforts to support the RAPP campaign. We understand that the racist law-and-order policies that have led to mass incarceration have disproportionately impacted Black and other communities of color, and we are committed to ending this cycle of punishment and rebuilding a more equitable and just society.

We believe that everyone deserves access to fair and timely parole hearings, including elderly and aging individuals who have been incarcerated for decades. We will work to advocate for reforms such as S7514/A4231A Fair and Timely Parole and S15A/A3475A Elderly Parole, which would ensure that the growing elderly population in New York State prisons has access to the parole board.

We Are Revolutionary is excited to be a part of the RAPP campaign and looks forward to working with other partners to create a more just and compassionate justice system.