Our Team

We Are Revolutionary was founded by Lukee Forbes and Qubilah Sales, two individuals who have faced significant adversity in their lives. The organization was founded with the goal of addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) by empowering communities through political education and self-development. Lukee Forbes, who was incarcerated at the age of 15 and served seven years, and Qubilah Sales, who faced a difficult childhood due to her parents' divorce, both share a passion for helping guide the next generation. We Are Revolutionary focuses on addressing the root causes of ACEs such as mass incarceration, poverty, poor family dynamics, and racism. Through their work, they aim to break the cycle of adversity by providing access to transformative educational, cultural, and global experiences that foster resilience and broaden horizons. 

Founded by Lukee Forbes and Qubilah Sales, We Are Revolutionary addresses Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and housing challenges through political education and empowerment. Both Lukee and Qubilah, who have overcome personal challenges, are driven by a passion to guide the next generation. With Qubilah's background in theater and Lukee's in film, their unique approach reshapes narratives, programs, and direct actions, using artistic elements to amplify their impact. They tackle root causes like mass incarceration, poverty, poor family dynamics, racism, and housing instability. As an advocacy organization, We Are Revolutionary actively seeks to change laws and policies, aiming to break adversity cycles with transformative experiences that foster resilience.

Lukee Forbes, Co-Founder

Executive  Director


Qubilah Sales, Co-Founder

Jasenya Mccauley

Communications Director


Niesreen Mende

Statewide Organizer