Mission Statement 

We ARE Revolutionary is committed to addressing the underlying causes of adverse childhood experiences, oppression, and violence in our community. 

Vision Statement 

Our vision is to foster grassroots liberation by promoting healing and offering political education to families. We aim to empower individuals to stand up for their rights and communities, nurturing a system that values people in policymaking and avoids criminalizing trauma.


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About Us 

We firmly believe that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) serve as significant obstacles to civic engagement, particularly for our target demographic. This demographic encompasses individuals grappling with various forms of oppression, racism, mass incarceration, generational violence, poverty, substance use disorder, and housing instability. Recognizing the profound impact of ACEs, we are committed to dismantling these barriers and empowering our community to overcome adversity, advocate for systemic change, and actively participate in shaping policy and law

 We do this through five main initiatives:

We Are Revolutionary Community Empowerment Programs:

We are a fiscally sponsored organization through The Albany Free School