TRAILO (The Real Adventure is Located Outside) 

The TRAILO (The Real Adventure is Located Outside) Program is a transformative initiative created to provide youth with a comprehensive and enriching experience. At its core, TRAILO aims to broaden horizons and inspire young minds by offering a series of engaging trips, healing circles or forest bathing that not only introduce them to diverse career opportunities but also facilitate meaningful conversations with influential politicians.

One of the program's fundamental strengths lies in its ability to seamlessly weave politics into the fabric of real-life experiences. By doing so, it effectively bridges the gap between the political sphere and the everyday lives of young participants. Through these interactions, young individuals gain valuable insights into the workings of government, the decision-making process, and the role of elected officials in shaping society.

TRAILO goes beyond career exploration and political engagement. It also recognizes the importance of Teaching About Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma. The program equips young participants with the knowledge and awareness of how ACEs and trauma can impact their lives and the lives of those around them. Through discussions, TRAILO empowers youth with the tools to understand, cope with, and support individuals who have experienced trauma.

In addition to ACEs and trauma awareness, TRAILO places a strong emphasis on nurturing mental health. It provides a safe space for young people to open up about their mental health concerns, fostering a culture of emotional well-being and self-care. Participants are encouraged to be aware of their mental health and seek help when needed, ultimately promoting resilience and mental well-being.

By exposing them to a wide range of career possibilities and encouraging them to engage with influential figures, TRAILO instills a sense of confidence and self-worth in its participants. It recognizes that families are the building blocks of society, and by nurturing healthy relationships within them, we contribute to the overall strength and resilience of our communities.

The TRAILO Program is more than just a series of trips; it's a holistic approach to youth development. It empowers the next generation with knowledge, inspiration, and the tools they need to become informed, engaged citizens who can make a positive impact on their communities and the world at large while also promoting ACEs and trauma awareness and fostering mental health awareness and resilience.