The Capital Region Community Support Network (CRCSN) 

The Capital Region Community Support Network (CRCSN) is a Crisis Response program, created to redefine community policing. CRCSN empowers peers and community members to play a pivotal role in providing critical crisis assistance, all while promoting education about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma.

Our program is unwaveringly dedicated to delivering efficient and compassionate support during crises, offering timely guidance to essential resources and aid for individuals in need. Beyond immediate crisis response, CRCSN recognizes the importance of teaching community members about ACEs and trauma, equipping them with the knowledge to understand and address these critical issues. 

CRCSN also places a strong emphasis on promoting mental health awareness. In addition to crisis intervention, our program provides a platform for individuals to be aware of their mental health and seek help when needed. We believe that a mentally healthy community is a resilient one, and we are committed to fostering emotional well-being among our members.