Housing Justice for All 

We Are Revolutionary is proud to join the Housing Justice for All Our Home, Our Power campaign as a partner organization. We believe that access to safe and affordable housing is a human right, and we recognize that many communities in New York State are facing a housing crisis due to systemic inequalities and the power of the real estate industry. By joining this campaign, we hope to work alongside tenants and homeless New Yorkers to fight for their right to housing and to challenge the status quo.

As a partner organization, We Are Revolutionary is committed to recruiting impacted individuals, organizing community events and protests, and educating individuals on the campaign. We believe that it is crucial to amplify the voices of those who have been most affected by the housing crisis, and to work together to hold elected officials accountable for creating policies that prioritize the needs of tenants and homeless individuals. By coming together in this campaign, we can create real change and make housing a human right for all. Join Now.