Call to Action for Grand Jury Reform in Albany


Call to Action: Urge Albany City to Resolve Systemic Legal Gaps: We need your voice to address the systemic issues in Albany's legal system, particularly the process by which police officers, often lacking legal expertise, determine initial charges. This flawed practice can lead to unjust and excessive charges, impacting our community and misusing taxpayer dollars. Take action by calling the Mayor’s Office and your Common Council Member, and by emailing them to express your concerns. Don't forget to encourage three friends or family members to join this important cause. Together, we can push for necessary reforms for a fairer and more just Albany.


Call to Action: Help reform Albany's legal system by addressing the unchecked prosecutorial power in grand jury proceedings. This issue often leads to evidence manipulation and unwarranted harsh charges, especially impacting marginalized communities. Your involvement is crucial. Contact the County Executive, District Attorney, and your County Legislator to demand change. Share your concerns about cases like Dontie Mitchell's and Rahqwah Johnson's, where justice is compromised. Encourage three others to join this vital effort for a more equitable legal system in Albany County.


Call to Action: We need Grand Jury Reform in Albany. We are mobilizing a crucial campaign for grand jury reform in Albany's legal system, focusing on reducing the disproportionate influence of district attorneys. This campaign urges the community to contact key officials, including Governor Kathy Hochul, Senator Neil D. Breslin, and Assemblymember Patricia Fahy, to advocate for legislative action. The objective is to modify grand jury procedures, address the issue of prosecutorial overreach, and ensure fair legal outcomes, especially in light of unjust practices seen in cases like Dontie Mitchell's and Rahqwah Johnson's. Join us in this vital effort by calling and emailing these representatives, and by spreading the word in the community to bring about a more equitable legal process in Albany.

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